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CG Futures provides a unique opportunity to hone skills and meet up with fellow digital artists. This special live event offers a look inside the techniques and experience of some of the world’s most talented VFX and animation artists.

CG Futures is the evolution of the Gnomon Live events presented in Melbourne and Sydney in 2016 and 2017. With continued curatorial support from Alex Alvarez, founder of Gnomon, CG Futures evolves to three full days with extended content from the local industry.

CG Futures presents a line-up of artists for a weekend of live demos and masterclasses. Having built their knowledge in some of the world’s leading studios, presenting artists share their techniques, workflows and experience working on Hollywood Feature films, AAA games, and shortform across commercials VR, AR, short films, and visualisation projects for major companies.

Demonstrating how they bring stories, characters, creatures and environments to life through a range of computer graphics programs, each artist explains how they achieve such an impressive level of detail in the ever-tight timelines demanded of artists in the industry. Covering a breadth of production areas such as matte painting, compositing, lighting, 3D modelling, texturing, character design, environment art, art direction and more.

The program provides a chance to meet up with peers and local industry leaders to explore opportunities and issues for artists in the region. It is a chance to hear from local studios about current projects, their studio culture, who they are employing and issues relevant to the local industry. Be inspired and motivated to reach your own levels of mastery and triumph.






ROOM 2: Auditorium
ROOM 1: Oratory
ROOM 2: Auditorium
ROOM 1: Oratory
ROOM 2: Auditorium
ROOM 1: Oratory
ROOM 2: Auditorium
ROOM 1: Oratory
ROOM 2: Auditorium
ROOM 1: Oratory
ROOM 2: Auditorium
ROOM 1: Oratory
13:30 - 14:00
Get to Know the Speakers

Meet our international and local CG Futures presenters and screen their new show reels. Get pumped for an exciting weekend of content.

14:00 - 17:15
Furio Tedeschi Demo: Bringing a creature to life

Follow and interact with the 3 time ZBrush Summit Champion as he creates a character from start to finish using ZBrush, Keyshot, and Photoshop. Watch him create the ‘thing’ that could come to life in film or video games. Read more…

14:00 - 15:00
Behind the Scenes with Rising Sun Pictures: Thor Ragnarok

Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) has worked on over 120 Hollywood blockbuster films and has developed a reputation of delivering quality and groundbreaking work for its clients. Focusing on the recent released Thor: Ragnarok, Noah Vice, Head of Look Development & Lighting at RSP, will take you on a creative journey. Navigating through a number of the film’s key sequences he’ll reveal some important processes and techniques used to develop it’s iconic assets and environments. Noah looks forward to answering your questions about the industry and his time at Rising Sun Pictures. Read more…

15:15 - 16:45
Breaking into the Industry with The Rookies

Presented by Rookies co-founders Andrew McDonald and Alwyn Hunt, this masterclass will help you to get yourself noticed in today’s tough market. You will learn how to successfully land your first big break in the creative media industry and what mistakes to avoid at all costs. The masterclass will focus on how to create the perfect digital portfolio by targeting your skills, how to impress recruiters and build relationships, and most importantly how to self-evaluate your own skills before you start job hunting. Breaking down a range of digital portfolios created by students around the world the masterclass will showcase the competition you are up against,  help inspire your own work and create a clear path for future direction.  Make sure you take this opportunity to help you secure your big break in 2018. Read more…

18:00 - 18:45
Alex Alvarez Masterclass: Personal and Professional Growth in the CG Industry

With a booming entertainment industry and consumers continuing to demand more visually complex video games, film and television visual effects, plus an increased demand for mobile content, the employment rates for artists and animators are projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. Never before have the opportunities for artists been greater. But the challenge is being industry relevant, adaptable and inspired enough to stay abreast of the creative and technical challenges that are rapidly and constantly evolving. Alex Alvarez has been at the forefront of professional artist training over the past two decades; having established undergraduate and ongoing training programs that are recognised as the benchmark in the industry. As the curator of CG Futures. Alex will introduce the program that we have created to support the development of artists in our region and from personal experience, as a professional artist, he will discuss how to stay motivated and inspired in an ever changing and competitive landscape. Read more…

18:45 - 20:15
Aaron Sims Masterclass: From Make Up Effects to VFX

From his experience as a Special Effects Make Up artist for Rick Baker to Concept artist for Stan Winston, to setting up his own studio that has contributed Design and VFX on over 160 of our most well known films, Aaron has been at the centre of the evolution of an industry over the past two decades. In this masterclass, he will share his unique career pathway and how this has influenced the creation of his unique ‘Sketch to Screen’ process, how ASC adapts to industry needs and what this means for the future of the studio. Read more…

Christopher Coe: Mountains of Silence EP Launch

3D artists are increasingly collaborating with musicians to ignite live performances. Growth is particularly evident in the electronic music scene with artists earning up to 100 000 for collaborations with mainstage DJ’s. Here they are creating coded artwork that can sync with the music and be manipulated for live motion composition. Christopher Coe launches his newest project Mountains of Silence at CG Futures with a discussion of the making of the EP, in collaboration with artist Roy Gerritsen of Boompje Studio, and a live performance of the EP. Mountains of Silence is the debut album of the new label Awesome Sound Waves, co founded by Coe and renowned, mainstage British DJ, Carl Cox.

Christopher Coe joins Paul Hellard of VFX Science to discuss the growing opportunities for the collaboration of digital artists with DJ’s, at live music festivals.

10:00 - 11:30
Jessica Dru Johnson Masterclass

From her experience working in a small team that helps to feed the huge art department at Blizzard Entertainment, Jessica will share her best practice for exact and technical topology workflow that is needed for the Blizzard animators to get absolute best results. She will discuss the broader skills and attributes needed to adapt, effectively and efficiently to the overall project aims of the phenomenally successful World of Warcraft. Read more…

10:00 - 13:10
Zach Mandt Demo: Matte painting: Running a shot from beginning to end.

Zach will work linearly from painting and adding in elements, to projecting the elements in compositing software. He will demonstrate how he not only focuses on the creation of a beautiful image, but also technical adaptation, and pointers for visual storytelling. Read more…

11:40 - 12:40
Playside Studios: Taking the AAA Experience to Mobile

Adam Bax along with producers, Taylah Walker and Erin Halpenny, will give us a look inside the workings of Playside Studios. They will share how Playside landed their first job and how they evolved into an award winning studio in the mobile game space and have continued to evolve with the industry. Find out about the art styles that are a key focus for Playside and how they contribute to bringing the AAA experience to mobile games. Get some insight into the best way to land a job at Playside, their reality check and tips for success and how they encourage their artists to build their own personal brand whilst contributing to a world class team. Read more…

12:40 - 13:10
Andrew Price of Blender Guru & Poliigon

Andrew Price of Blender Guru and Poliigon joins Ian Failes of VFX Blog to explore Andrew’s experience as the founder of a tech startup in the CG industry and what ‘practice’ he believes makes ‘perfect’.

13:10 - 14:30
13:10 - 14:30
14:30 - 17:45
Seth Thompson Demo: Creating Realistic CG Props

In this workshop Seth Thompson will teach how he created his most recent personal CG art of a realistic skull cup based on the video game “Darksouls 3 – High Lord of Wolnir” boss encounter.  Using techniques Seth developed during the creation of the skull cup he will demonstrate live how to model, sculpt, surface, light and render a new highly realistic prop using the following software: 3DsMax, ZBrush, Knald, Adobe Photoshop, and Keyshot. Here are some of the things you will walk away having learned in in this workshop….

ZBrush 4r8:
–   Ornamental Sculpting.
–   Sculpting with Image Based Maps.
–   Using procedural noise modifiers.
–   UV Mapping.
–   Creating and baking masks for material mixing.

–   Using Knald’sobject baker or normal maps to created detailed maps for material mixing.
–   Cavity, Concavity, Ambocc, Curvature, etc.

Adobe Photoshop:
–   Creating tileable maps from photographs.
–   Creating, modifying and saving masks for material mixing.

–   Learning how to use HDRI environments for lighting.
–   Creating and understanding Area and Point lights.
–   Creating materials in Keyshot
–   Creating advanced materials using UVW maps and procedural mapping techniques.

14:30 - 16:00
Furio Tedeschi Masterclass: Following the Artist’s Footprint

Furio has travelled across the world as a Concept Artist, Art Lead, 3D Sculptor, Character Game Modeller, Environment Artist, Technical Artist, and whatever person was missing from the many teams he has joined over a diverse career, in games and film, on small and major projects. He will step us through what it takes to survive and thrive in the industry and the joys and challenges of going freelance to focus on his love of character design. Ask him anything. Read more…

16:15 - 17:15
Speed Dating with Luma

Get those reels ready!

#CGFutures attendees will have the unique opportunity to get their reel reviewed in a one-on-one session with some of our top-level artists that have recently created stunning visual effects for major Hollywood blockbusters like, Thor, Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time. We will give you unique feedback on how to improve your reel across various departments and the lowdown on what it takes to land your first gig.


Luma’s Speed Dating session will be held on Saturday 4:15 to 5:15. Join Luma artists and supervisors at the bar for a drink on Luma from 5pm Saturday following the day of influential masterclasses, demos and speed reviews!


Bookings for this session will be open during the event registration on Friday from 12:30pm. Read more…

09:30 - 11:00
Zach Mandt Masterclass: Matte Painting From Master Shots to some of the simpler things that go unnoticed

Through breakdowns, stills and an overview of the tools he uses, Zach will explore a range of work across his seasoned career as a VFX Generalist creating content for films, games and commercials. This will include not only how he creates the big master shots but also dives into some of the smaller things that often go unnoticed and contribute to the success of the projects he has worked on and make him so valuable in the industry. We will also get a glimpse of how a life outside of work inspires Zach to evolve and innovate. Read more…

09:30 - 12:40
Jessica Dru Johnson Demo: Working with Digital Cloth for Character Costume Creation

Jessica brings her passion for costume design into digital character creation through the unique lens of working with digital cloth. Dive into Jessica’s process of utilising real world sewing techniques to achieve highly realistic results more quickly. Watch and interact with her as she covers basic patterning principles and shows examples of digital cloth use in production. Read more…

11:20 - 12:20
Josh Simmonds Masterclass: Creating Scenes for Game of Thrones

With contributions to over 100 of our most loved films Iloura is globally renowned for its broad range of VFX and animation skills from Pre-Vis to final shot. Join Josh Simmonds VFX supervisor at Iloura to explore some of these techniques employed in the creation of the Train Attack sequence in HBO’s Game of Thrones episode 64 ‘The Spoils of War’. Ask him questions about their process and find out what it is like to work at Iloura. Read more…

12:20 - 13:40
12:40 - 14:00
13:40 - 14:40
Plastic Wax: Photogrammetry for Characters

Dean Wood will take us through Plastic Wax’s production workflow and tools with a focus on Photogrammetry and its use in attaining photo realistic results for characters. The masterclass talk will cover the emergent use of photogrammetry scanning in the cinematic and gaming industry, the equipment and software involved, and when best to use this technology. Dean will show us the photo reconstruction process, what settings will best achieve a time efficient, realistic game ready character. Watch as Dean demonstrates the process of achieving a perfect facial scan in 3D space. Read more…

14:00 - 17:15
Aaron Sims Demo: Creating a Creature through photobashing and ZBrush sculpting

Drawing on two of Aaron’s methodologies we will see how he approaches the design of some of our most memorable creatures and characters. From photobashing in Adobe photoshop and ZBrush sculpting to final design. Read more…

15:00 - 16:00
EA Firemonkeys: Creating Art for Innovative Mobile Entertainment Experiences

With award winning games like Real Racing 3, Sims Free Play and Need for Speed No Limits, the EA Firemonkeys team have been leading the way in mobile game development. Join the team to explore what it is like being an artist in live service at Firemonkeys, hear from a Jobseeking Panel for advice on how to get noticed for their games art roles. Meet up afterwards with 20 Firemonkeys staff to find out more about who they are looking for in their expanding team. Read more…

16:30 - 18:00
Seth Thompson Masterclass: Journey from Fine Artist to Supervisor in Film & Video Games.

In this masterclass, Seth Thompson will discuss his life-long journey and experiences dating back to his childhood roots as a fine artist to his present day job as an Art Department Supervisor in one of the world’s leading video game companies.  Throughout this talk Seth will focus on how his goals, skills and focus evolved through an 18 year career. Whether you are new to computer graphics or an industry veteran this talk with have value for anyone.  Join us as Seth talks discusses how to adapt in quickly growing companies, with new software and workflows, and how to maintain motivation, longevity and professionalism in the digital entertainment industry and much more! Read more…

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2 MARCH 2018 – 4 MARCH 2018, MELBOURNE


This ticket entitles the bearer access to the entire 2018 CG Futures program. A wristband will be issued which is non-transferable. Double passes also available bring a friend and save!

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This ticket is for students, new graduates, concession card holders and those looking for work. This ticket entitles the bearer access to the entire 2018 CG Futures program. A wristband will be issued which is non-transferable. Double passes also available bring a friend and save!

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2018 VENUE

What is now historically recognised as one the most important institutional complexes constructed in Victoria in the 19th Century the Abbotsford Convent became a community art and cultural centre at the turn of the 21st century.

Now a unique place with a rare fusion of old and new, the Abbotsford Convent’s 19th century landscape is filled with artists’ studios, cafes and bars, galleries, and markets.

From intimate to grand, industrial to opulent, the Convent’s spaces are historically fascinating, with views of the river, heritage gardens and only 4km from Melbourne’s CBD.

"It was not only a powerful experience but a life changing event. I met so many wonderful creators and like-minded individuals across a wide variety of disciplines!"


"Overall an amazing experience that went over and above my expectations and left like a once in a lifetime experience that normally money can’t buy!"


"This was one of the best events I’ve attended from the presenters, content, attendees and the management of the event. The location was stunning and very fitting to the vibe of the event too! It was professional and cutting edge without being so exclusive that you were afraid to ask questions or approach the presenters."


"The quality of the speakers was outstanding. Would go as far as saying best professional event I’ve attended in a very long time. Thank-you!"


"I think this is something the Australian industry has been needing for a long time and we want and need more events like this."