CG Futures 2020 Community Exhibition



Share your work and connect with the CG Futures community by showing your work in our interactive exhibition at CG Futures April 3, 4, and 5.

We invite ticket holders to bring a printed piece of their artwork to show in our physical exhibition at the CG Futures 2020  event. The 2019 exhibit was a huge success, and we hope that you’ll be part of this year’s event. As a participant, you will also be profiled in the CG Futures interactive App. We will be connecting each image through our AR App to find out more about each artist and help you connect to Studios.


Secure your spot ASAP.

It is easy. Fill out this form and upload your info and image.

Then bring your printed and mounted artwork along to the event.

Upload a short bio about yourself including the kind of work you do and the sorts of positions you work in or would like to work in

Upload a portrait picture of yourself. This image must be no larger than 1MB

A hero image of your own creation.
This needs to be the same image that you will be showing in the physical exhibition at the venue.
Can be landscape or portrait you must be able to print it at A3 or A2. It can be a little longer or shorter if your image is built to 16:9 proportions or a square.
Please do not upload an image any larger than 2mb.
The image will need to have some contrast in order to be detectable by the AR App.
The image should represent the area you are interested in working in. It doesn’t have to be concept art. For example, if you are an animator, set up an image with key frames or a story board. If you are a compositor share an image showing stills of key frames or transitions shots. Or a really pretty rig!

A link to your own portfolio page or Artstation portfolio (if you have one, leave blank if you do not have one).

   If you are happy to link with people in social media include your social handles . Leave blank if you do not want to do this.


Have your hero image printed and mounted and bring along to the event.
You will need to hand this in at the registration desk upon arrival.
Please print full bleed.
Your artwork MUST BE MOUNTED on 10MM mounting board. Ideally dark core and back if possible.
Print size: Your image must be no higher than 594MM and no wider than 746 MM.

When setting up your artwork for print we advise that you should have a minimum of 150 DPI at actual size. If you are having your work printed and mounted you should allow 4 to 5 days for the printer to complete your job.

Printing suggestions
Bambra Print
Kwik Copy

 By submitting this form, I agree to my information being available on the CG Futures App, I also agree to my printed worked being exhibited at the live event. I am aware that my work may be photographed and these images may be used on the CG Futures and Design Foundation websites and may appear promote future events.

 By submitting this form, You agree that inclusion of your work in the program is entirely at the discretion of the curators and if for reason we believe the entry is does not meet the guidelines or the imagery will be offensive to others we may choose to exclude the entry. No discussion will be entered into.