Megan Nairn




Megan Nairn is Studio Manager at 12field, an independent 2D animation studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Megan grew up in a small West Australian town with lots of crayfish, and has moved to bigger towns with less crayfish ever since. After working as an animator & story artist for several years, in 2015 she made a big shift from artist to management by taking on the role of Animation Talent Development Manager for Los Angles based Cartoon Network Studios. Since relocating back to Australia in mid 2017, Megan has joined 12field and purchased several pot plants. Megan is also involved with regular international animation screening event LoopdeLoop, and is passionate about supporting and creating a strong animation community wherever she goes.

12field combine traditional skills with the latest production techniques to create high quality 2D content for Animated television series, short films, music videos, commercials and online games and in-house projects. Recent productions include children’s series The Flamin’ Thongs, the Dogstar: Christmas in Space 90 minute feature, as well as animation for MTV’s Greatest Party Stories Ever. 12field are currently working on The Strange Chores, a 26 x 11 episode series airing on ABC kids in 2019.