Playside Studios


PlaySide Studios is a world renown video game developer located in Melbourne, Australia. The company is head by senior management, creatives and developers who have paved the way in AAA console and mobile development over the years.  They are pioneers in their field bringing the most authentic AAA experience to mobile devices. With over 50 staff and growing they are the Go-To studio for major Hollywood Production, Publishing and Development Companies including, Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros, and Nickelodeon. Along with creating new IP, they also work with their partners to create great game experiences for their brands and ideas.

The studio has released some of the most commercially successful original IP titles with releases including titles such as Monkey Ropes, which achieved over a million downloads in week one, with a total download of nearly two million and the globally featured Fishy Bits 2 which saw a 53% increase in DAU compared to the previous title. Their AR Dragon is one of the top AR downloads and highest grossing AR games in the Apple store.

PlaySide VR has been been newly formed to take on the new frontier in video games and is about to just launched its debut title.




Adam Bax is the brand manager and head of art at Melbourne’s Playside Studios. Before joining Playside Adam had 8 years as an artist in the games industry across mobile, console, VR and specialty deployment. He has worked with some of the industries biggest brands and IP including Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, and Nickelodeon.



Taylah Walker is a producer and artist at Melbourne based Playside Studios, with skills in all aspects of game and art production and an excellent eye for brand accuracy. Taylah began her career as a 3D artist with a strong and varied history in 3d art with experiences across VR, AR and mobile games. She has worked on multiple VR experiences across custom installations and consumer consoles/PC for Playside and studio partners including Skydance Media and Sony Pictures. Taylah has overseen multiple development teams in the planning and execution of the studio’s most commercially successful original IP titles.



Erin Halpenny is a Producer at Playside Studios Melbourne with a strong, supportive background in art and visual design. Also starting as a junior artist she has since progressed to managing production teams on some of the studios most successful titles. Her primary responsibilities require her to work closely with critical studio partners including such brands as Disney, Spin Masters and Nickelodeon. Erin inspires creativity and passion in her staff and uses her extensive knowledge of Maya, Z-brush, Photoshop and Unity to ensure her teams are always prepared for the challenges ahead.