CG Futures 2019

CG Futures 2019
March 25, 2019 CG Futures

How fun is CG Futures!

Lucky us that we get to build a community for digital artist this way. Of course it is always somehow deflating to announce the wrap for CG Futures. So much energy, enthusiasm, passion and dedication is garnered and shared across the three days, as well as the chance to reconnect with past attendees and make new friends. The first few days returning to normal life seems a little lonely and quiet without all of you. This year at CG Futures we could feel that a really familiar and supportive community has evolved.

The feedback here demonstrates the amazing learning and networking opportunities that offered everyone new perspectives, tips and techniques and connections for pathways to surviving and thriving in the burgeoning opportunities that lay ahead for all digital artists.

It was great to kick off on Friday morning in sync with International Women’s day with so many more creative and passionate women at all levels of their career in attendance.

It is always my pleasure to thank those people who have made this event possible.

To start the volunteer organising team who have believed in the value of community and have helped us to bring everyone together. They are enthusiastic and passionate artists and will be important contributors to the industry into the future. Alessandro Calipari, Gurkaran Singh, Kkye Hall, Jasper Goodrich, Angela Sae Lam, Dom Dom Dimonti, Amanda Novak Knight, Alex Fu, Jessica Fredricksen, Shaleise Leishman, Isabella Cutri, Claire Worseman, Aishwarya Ramji, Jack Kimberley.

We were excited to introduce the interactive community exhibition and to show work not only of our masterful presenters but also those in attendance. Using Unity we launched the CG Futures Exhibition app and created an opportunity to link to attendees Artstation portfolios and connect people through social platforms for later follow up. Thank you to Kkye Hall for his development work on the app.

To the Design Foundation team for pulling off another great experience for all involved. Aaron Down, Elise Bufton, Rebecca Wise, Chloe Lucchesi, Nicole Hendrix and all those who supported you.

To our industry partners Wacom and Artstation, Media Partners; Masters of Motion and VFX Science, and for the first time we welcomed Unity 3D to our community and look forward to working with them into the future. These are companies who also recognize the value of contributing to building a strong community for artists.

For artists and art organisations alike feeling a community of support in a small country can be tough – the number of people who understand the need to invest in the new, the experimental, is smaller. Increased global networks don’t make up for local support such as funding and the feeling of people, of common understanding, being in and around a space like CG Futures.

We are lucky our State Government through Film Victoria has committed to the evolution of the industry and backs artists to excel through a commitment to developing Melbourne’s reputation as a regional centre of excellence for the industry. They recognise your value to our creative economy and understand the struggle to get on top of your game to compete with your international peers. Their support for scholarships for underrepresented groups in our community helps us to make CG Futures a safe place to encourage and celebrate difference. They are a continued and appreciated partner.

It is difficult to know how to thank Alex Alvarez he has brought curatorial leadership to the development of this program that draws on over 25 years of experience, not only as a successful artist with a deep and committed passion to bettering his own craft, but also the lessons learnt from developing the world’s benchmark in training for artists in the entertainment industry through his Gnomon programs. CG Futures is outstanding as a result of this partnership.

Every year he has invited super talented people who are generous of spirit in their sharing of knowledge and experience. A particular acknowledgement to Gnomon Workshop who gave away three 12-month subscription for the Gnomon Workshop this weekend.

To the Collie Print Trust. Collie was an innovative company and through their significant philanthropic support continue to invest in mentoring for creative people.

A special thank you to Liz Rice Photography for capturing all the magic that was CG Futures 2019.

We are grateful for the investment by our local industry who shared diverse experiences and demonstrated that a small ecosystem does not inhibit global success. Nik Slotiuk, Jenny Harder, Bryce Szandro, Alwyn Hunt, Anna Hodge, Lara Hopkins, Chris Ebeling, Andrew Price, Andrei Dolnikov, Alex Popescu, Dom Hellier, Alastair Richardson, Rhyl Mayes, Ryan McMahon, Megan Nairn, Patrick Crawley, Josh Bradbury, Pete Daly, Paul Hellard, Matthew Packwood, Garth Midgley, Greg O’Connor, Billy Dao, Matthew Stoyakovich, Gregory Ng, Michael North, Timothy Bond, Dulshan Keregala, Jacob Santamaria. Recruiters: Stuart Morgan, Magdalena Bisogni, Lara Hopkins and Anna Hodge from RSP Education.

Creating content for screen continues to be an one of the fastest growing employments. It is true it is not an easy path but from the many encounters that I have had with those who have reached the lofty heights of supervisors, lead artists, art directors, studio owners and the like, it is obvious that amidst great frustration there is enormous sense of satisfaction.

Evolution in the industry depends on artist’s commitment to continued learning and practice. Finding good mentors to steer this journey is invaluable.

So I would lastly like to thank our international guests for offering their mentorships too. Alex Alvarez, Krystal Sae Eua, Kekai Kotaki, Josh Lynch, Kris Costa, Steve Lambert, Habib Zargarpour, Ron Martin.We know how much time goes into preparing to present at events like CG Futures and we want to thank you all for making the effort to come a long way to share your stories and experiences with us.

This event was established to meet great mentors and find peers to support your endeavours.

Against such an aim it was resounding success.

Thank you to everyone for embracing the spirit of community and the opportunities for mentorship.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the next edition of CG Futures.