Gnomon Live Melbourne & Sydney 2017


Gnomon Live 2017 in Melbourne and Sydney were standout events for the digital art community. Following the success of the first Gnomon Live event presented in Melbourne in March 2016, the 2017 program extended across two weekends in Melbourne and Sydney.

Responding to feedback from 2016 a carefully crafted master class program provided top level knowledge sharing, networking opportunities for recruitment outcomes and advise and support on broader work place issues.

The opportunity to work with Gnomon founder Alex Alvarez to curate a speaker line up and craft a program for the Oceania region has resulted in a resource that supports studio needs, the needs of education institutions and those of individual artists.


In designing a live event we acknowledged that a creative career is one of hard work, passion and commitment. Whilst story telling on screen can take huge teams, ultimately an artist’s contribution requires a degree of solo effort. No one can push the stylus for you, your inner values drive your decision making, exposed in order to actualise characters and scenes.

We believe mentorship and community offer a powerful poultice to soothe a path that is bound to throw up obstacles and helps artists to not only survive but thrive in a challenging career choice. One that is marked by a pursuit of triumph and mastery in artistic endeavour, amidst the need to master complex and advanced technology and adapt to the rapidly expanding applications for computer graphics. [Read more]