So what was the low down on the first Gnomon Live outside of the US? Basically in the gnashing over Gnomon Live Australia the consensus is – bring it back!

With this first Gnomon Live Australia, Alex Alvarez curated a program for our region that would explore skill sets across production areas, selecting artists who are committed to pushing the boundaries in their area of expertise. Each was astoundingly proficient with the complex technology required of them. Some, even, with the ability to hack the protocols of this technology to improve their efficiency. They were, however, far more than just great technicians. Each approached their work with an intelligence, sense of humour and a passion that was infectious. They were awesomely talented.

The comments in this gallery speak for themselves. So thank you to Alex Alvarez, Dylan Ekren, Devon Fay, Brandon Fayette, Jonathan Berube and Alex Cancado for generously sharing your wealth of knowledge and giving us the opportunity to see inside your exceptional work.

You will see from the photos and comments that those who attended left inspired and better informed and it was loads of fun. Importantly many who attended appear motivated to continue to strive for excellence and that will contribute to the growing capability of our region. It was great to meet so many of those who attended and to be immersed in their passion and enthusiasm for the projects they are working on and the future they strive for. We hope that this program will in some way contribute to their continued ability to flourish.

So in response to the positive feedback we are excited to announce that we will be hosting another Gnomon Live Australia in April 2017 in both Melbourne and Sydney!

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