Aaron Sims



Aaron Sims, the visual creator behind some of this generation’s most unforgettable cinema creatures, began his career over two decades ago working as a special effects makeup artist. His work quickly attracted the attention of legendary Academy Award winner Rick Baker, with whom Sims collaborated for the next twelve years. During that time, Sims served as a leading special effects artist on some of the most popular, defining movies of the 1990s: Gremlins 2, Batman Forever, Mighty Joe Young, Nutty Professor, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Men in Black.

In the late 1990s, Sims started working for another Academy Award winner, Stan Winston, who encouraged Sims’ pioneering methods. At the Stan Winston Studios, he built a CG department designing for such films as AI, Terminator 3, Constantine, Doom and Fantastic 4. Working through the Stan Winston Studio, Sims introduced his visionary design process to Steven Spielberg and became the lead character designer for Artificial Intelligence: A.I. Sims created unprecedented designs for all of Spielberg’s robot characters and, in doing so, validated his groundbreaking approach to character creation. Having thus raised the bar in the concept design industry, Sims took the Stan Winston Studio to the forefront of innovative film design.

His pioneering techniques in the world of visual effects influenced the face of the character and creature design in Film, Television, Games, Previsualization, and VFX early on in their application. He went on to form Aaron Sims Creative in order to bring together a wide range of the world’s most talented concept and visual effects artists and create memorable characters, creatures, VFX, costumes, and key scenes. The studio has created designs and visual effects for over 140 movies including most recently The Mist, It, War for the Planet of the Apes, Wonder Woman, and Stranger Things 2 with exciting projects in the pipeline for the next coming years.

He has been described by Stan Winston as the consummate industry professional in that he marries his considerable artistic talent with powerful technological tools… he never fails to impress”

His unparalleled skill and dedication to consistently creating stunning content for all platforms of visual entertainment have made ASC a premiere entertainment studio.