Andrei Dolnikov



Andrei Dolnikov is an Interior Architect and Founder of BINYAN – a leading Architectural 3D Rendering & Animation Studio specialising in the creation of bespoke, considered and memorable architectural films & images. He started the business in his Sydney living room after working as a visualiser in the U.S. and has since guided Binyan to its place as a leader in the field. The team of 110 + artists and producers is currently working on projects all over the globe from its 4 studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New York. Binyan is focused on driving the Arch Viz Industry into the next phase of its development by engaging with the wider educational and artist community to bring our industry to greater recognition. Collaboration has always been a key Binyan trait and Andrei has built a team of world-class artists who work together to bring originality and sophistication to their clients’ projects. Andrei is passionate about giving back to the community and is a Rabbi in his local synagogue – he lives in Melbourne with his wife and four beautiful children… and his Vespa scooter.


Binyan are an Australian and US based Architectural 3D Rendering and Animation Studio – and are leading creators of photo-realistic, and narrative based architectural renderings and film for luxury real estate projects all over the world. We have an internationally diverse, super driven team of 120 staff across 4 studios in AU and US and work globally on the most significant real estate and architecture projects shaping our planet’s future.