Bryce Szandro



Bryce Szandro is the founder and creative director of Next-Gen Dreams 3D a Remote External Development Team. Next-Gen Dreams works globally with small Indie studios to successful start-ups, all the way to AAA companies and large corporate entities.

Bryce got his start with Next Gen Dreams 3D, freelancing in his spare time while working in Architectural Visualization. Within a few months he was able to take his freelance work fulltime and didn’t look back. He is currently focused on growing his outsourcing business and realizing his long term vision of bringing AAA console and PC development back to Australia.

Bryce has contributed to a variety of productions during his time in industry such as Zero Latency’s Singularity VR experience, Bandai Namco’s Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker and Void Interactive’s upcoming, highly anticipated Ready or Not just to name a few. He also has experience producing and leading full mobile, VR/AR productions for companies like the Toll Group and

Bryce has been featured in a variety of Industry and non-Industry publications as well as hosting workshops about the art and business of games.

Bryce contributes his success to his die hard work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, his love of networking and meeting new people at events like the CG Futures event and his dedication to the vfx and animation industry.