Christopher Coe



Christopher Coe is an Irish Sound artist who has worked under the name Digital Primate as a techno producer, an accomplished DJ and live performer in his diverse career spanning some 25 years. He creates live performances, collaborating with digital artists for festivals and clubs around the world. He has been influential in developing the techno scene in Melbourne.

His most recent project is a live audio visual show and album entitled MNTNS of SLNC. Inspired by the mountainous landscape of the west of Ireland, Coe translates the dark mystery and moodiness of this barren and incredibly beautiful region into a brooding, harmonic and atmospheric techno based sonic landscape.

Along with visuals created from his films made in the landscape and animations from his collaborator visual artist Roy Gerritsen of (Amsterdam) this live show will envelope one in an atmosphere that is at once ethereal and deeply grounded.

All the visual elements are manipulated directly by the live musical performance of Coe, with each musical change directly transforming the visuals to make a truly live audio visual show.

To release this album he has teamed up with Carl Cox to bring us Awesome Soundwave, a newly born label showcasing Live Electronic Artists. Carl Cox the British DJ is a mainstage DJ in the electronica industry.  He is simply the most well known, respected and famous DJ in the world.

The idea for ASW label was to bring together a whole plethora of amazing producers and would-be live acts in the realms of electronic music and bring them to the forefront of where music can be taken into the future.

“a label where artists who actually can make their music live, and perform their music live, have a stable where they can be themselves, be able to create the music without any boundaries and to feel free in the sense of releasing music without prejudice in any way, shape or form.”
– Carl Cox

Coe will give a preview of the live show for MNTNS of SLNC by performing some of the material live at CG Futures to coincide with the launch of the first EP release from the album on the new label.

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Christopher Coe joins Paul Hellard of VFX Science to discuss the growing opportunities for the collaboration of digital artists with DJ’s, at live music festivals.