Greg O’Connor – Iloura



Greg O’Connor is an asset supervisor at Iloura. Based in Melbourne and Sydney, Iloura houses a collective of award-winning animation and VFX artists who are motivated by creativity and technical innovation. The 200+ team of VFX Artists help productions to engage with any audience across any media platform. Whilst Iloura’s highly-regarded reputation has been built around its 3D and character animation work, the studio also produces outstanding results in 2D VFX, matte painting, compositing, FX animation and on-set Supervision for the film and television industries.

Greg started his career in VFX in 2005 when, after self-training himself as a CG Artist, he set up his own CG Asset shop creating elements for TV Commercials and Corporate Presentations. In 2008 Greg joined the animation studio Flying Bark Productions working on a variety of animated Children’s Television shows as a Modeller, while also gaining valuable CG Generalist experience. Greg joined Fuel VFX in 2009 where he became the Head of Modelling. He was tasked with building the department that was ultimately responsible for such work as the ‘Hydra Bike Riders’ in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ and the Holographic Engineers in ‘Prometheus’. In 2012 Greg joined Iloura as Asset Supervisor where he led the development on the impressive Citadel Environment as well as the CG replica of the War Rig on ‘Mad Max: Fury Rd’, before moving onto leading the asset builds for ‘Gods of Egypt’, ‘Ghostbusters Reboot’. “Deepwater Horizon” and  “John Wick 2” Currently, Greg is Asset Supervisor on various unannounced Iloura projects.