Matt Estela


Matt Estela has worked in vfx for nearly 20 years. He’s been a character animator, head of 3d, commercials generalist, lighting lead, CG sup, FX lead, VR sup, and is now helping run the masters degree at the UTS Animal Logic Academy. For the last 5 years he’s joined the cult of Houdini, and will gleefully bore nearby folk with how awesome it is.


The buzz around Houdini has got bigger every year, but it still has a reputation as ‘That thing for FX’. This masterclass will cover all the other things Houdini can be used for, dipping into each department of a standard CG pipeline and how Houdini can be utilised, as well as covering stuff outside the standard CG pipe, for example games, generalist work, automation. My take is Houdini will soon be assumed base level knowledge in the way Photoshop is assumed knowledge. This talk will help showcase the possibilities, show what Houdini is good for, be honest about what it’s bad for, and if we’re lucky inspire some spirited discussion in the Q+A section!