Mick Hammell – Plastic Wax



Mick Hammell has been working in the Film, CG and VFX industry for over 15 years.  He’s a veteran of the Australian feature film, animation, experiential, and live theatre production industries. Since joining Plastic Wax as Production Manager in 2011, Mick has overseen the planning and execution of all cinematic projects from franchises such as LEGO Star Wars, Gears of War and Injustice 2 (to name a few) through to long form pre-rendered and in-engine CG for series such as Saints Row, Darksiders and Bioshock. In his time at Plastic Wax Mick has been instrumental in developing cutting edge tools and workflow opportunities such as an in house 3D scanning array for asset creation as well as real-time previz tools for use on the mocap stage via the Unreal Engine. Mick is also currently focused on emerging technologies and media at Plastic Wax, working with clients such as Oculus, Facebook and Valve on VR productions as well as a new generation of real time, in-engine film projects. Plastic Wax has been in the game and film animation industry for over 20 years, housing 55 incredibly talented artists and an in-house 24 camera motion capture facility. They provide services in Pre-rendered animation, in-engine animation, VR experiences, motion capture (facial/body), story boarding scripting, modeling/texturing, compositing and sound design, for global clients including Warner Brothers, Marvel, Microsoft, Disney interactive, Sony, Activision Blizzard and Epic Games.