Mighty Kingdom


Studio of the year for 2019, Mighty Kingdom is an Adelaide based company which delights more than 7 million players from all across the world every month.  Founded in 2010 by Philip Mayes and a great group of people with console dev background, the studio has grown from 3 to 70 people, making Mighty Kingdom the largest independent developer in Australia.

Mighty Kingdom design and create games for some of the world’s leading toy and entertainment giants, including Disney, LEGO, Moose and more.  Their portfolio of original and licensed games are all crafted in Adelaide studio and they have released more than 20 games to over 42M players worldwide.

Based in Adelaide, Mighty Kingdom originally undertook out sourced app development work. A few years later, however, Mighty Kingdom repositioned itself as a game developer focused on creating games for smartphones and tablet devices and more recently consoles.

Today, Mighty Kingdom is driving the digital success of global brands such as Disney, LEGO and Shopkins. The company’s successful client work has enabled it to create its own games – original IP Wild Life and the upcoming console video game Conan Chop Chop in partnership with Norwegian publisher Funcom.


You can automate that- 3D Rigging practices with Python in Maya for the developing studio.
In their 3D Rigging and automation masterclass, Phoebe and Sarah break down the rigging pipeline at AGDA Studio of the Year, Mighty Kingdom, to demystify the rigging process and the importance of Technical Art in a mid-size studio. As well as a retrospective of Mighty Kingdom’s rigs from the past, they will showcase their newest standards in rig development, and the evolution of their 3D rigs to date. They will discuss the appraisal and balance of technical debt, shared code, and User Experience standards, their implementation, and why they should be important to a studio pipeline.



Sarah Elliott is a technical artist at Adelaide based studio, Mighty Kingdom. She began her career as part of the studio’s first graduate intake and has progressed to working on games for LEGO, Conan the Barbarian and Mighty Kingdom’s own IP, Wild Life: Puzzle Story. A mentor in the Adelaide cohort for The Working Lunch in 2019, she has taken an active role in the Australian games community, with particular focus on helping students with pathways into the industry, and was included in the inaugural Gender Equality InGames list in 2019. Sarah is part of the pipeline and 3D rigging team at Mighty Kingdom and is also the studios primary 2D rigger.



Phoebe began her career at VFX studio, Rising Sun Pictures, where she worked as a Character Technical Assistant on films including Thor: Ragnarok and Peter Rabbit. in 2017 Shaw transitioned into the game industry, and began working as a Technical Artist at Mighty Kingdom. In her 2+ years at Mighty Kingdom, Phoebe has developed an extensive rigging and 3D asset pipeline, bringing her knowledge of film asset pipelines to the Adelaide game industry. Shaw now leads the Rigging and Pipeline departments, including the development and maintenance of proprietary auto-rigs and asset management systems. Shaw’s work at Mighty Kingdom has seen the studio reach new heights in rig fidelity, while pioneering Mighty Kingdom’s render pipeline and minimizing asset turnover time.

Shaw has mentored multiple young people entering the industry, twice participating as a mentor in the Mighty Kingdom graduate program. This year she also became a mentor for the Working Lunch program. Shaw was included on the 2018 Trade Media Women in Games list, as well as the 2019 Gender Equality In Games List.