Patrick Crawley



Patrick Crawley is a director, art director and writer from Melbourne, Australia. After studying animation at RMIT University, Patrick launched his career as a humble in-betweener at Sydney’s DisneyToon Studios. However he soon moved onto bigger things, co-developing designing and directing Cartoon Network’s Exchange Student Zero TV series (2015) and the Monster Beach TV movie (2014), winner of the 2015 ASTRA Award for Most Outstanding Children’s Program. He is also the co-producer and director of the adult animated sitcom Ginger Snaps (2017) for American Broadcasting Corporation/Warner Bros. When Patrick’s not designing shows or perfecting his cartoon voices, he can be found breeding exotic birds in his backyard, watching crap adventure movies (The best way to learn what makes a good movie is to watch the bad ones) or looking up a new dinosaur he didn’t know about on the internet. Currently he’s the supervising director on a new television series of Monster Beach coming to Cartoon Network in 2019!