Paul Hellard


Paul Hellard is the founder/author of the new site; He is a freelance journalist and media consultant with a long history associated with movies and television production. He’s worked in almost every medium there is. Paul shot film for TV and documentaries in the 80s; wrangled comedy scripts in the 90s, then worked at The Age for a few years. Following his passion, he teamed up with Ballistic Media for a decade or so where he helmed CGSociety, writing about, showcasing and promoting artists worldwide on what was back then the biggest online digital artists forum on the web. He also helped curate and assemble the huge range of annual Ballistic Media publications like EXPOSÉ, EXOTIQUE, Autodesk’s Elemental and others.

Looking for the next turn this crazy industry will take, Paul Hellard writes for websites, magazines and is always looking for other mediums.