Simon Baker



Simon Baker is a 10 year VFX veteren of both the film and game industries. Having had the privilege to work at both Weta Digital and Weta Workshop on a range of incredible projects, Simon has consistently steered his career towards his evolving passions. As an Effects artist at Weta Digital, Simon spent years specializing in the simulation of natural phenomena. Trees, smoke, rigid bodies, particles, and destruction sims brought much joy into Simon’s life. The chance to work on films such as Avatar, The Avengers, and The Hobbit trilogy gave Simon a wealth of creative and technical experience. Ultimately though, it was Simon’s lifelong passion for video games that he couldn’t ignore any longer. Simon didn’t hesitate when he was given the opportunity to join what was a small and scrappy game team within the bowels of Weta Workshop in 2015. Now, five years later, the team has grown significantly. With their first title under their belt, Dr Grordbort’s Invaders for the Magic Leap One, Simon is carving out a path into the unknown worlds of mixed reality. Simon is a Senior VFX Artist with Weta Workshop’s Gameshop team, and when he is not making mixed reality magic at work, he can be found doing much of the same at his home in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife, and 3 year old son Charlie.


From Weta Digital to Weta Workshop to flip from film to Games
Explore with Simon some of his successes and failures working in a new digital medium with no frame of reference. Look into his time at Weta Digital and some of the extraordinary projects he has worked on, with a focus on how they solved some of the problems they encountered to achieve the amazing outcomes. Delve into his pivot from Film to games and how his perspective about CG has changed as result and the impact on his motives and methods.


PopcornFx workflows and pipelines.
Covering particle simulations and shaders in Unity you will see the techniques that Simon uses everyday including workarounds and nontraditional pipelines. This demo will show techniques that can be applied to other areas of content creation and show how to bring together disparate workflows to achieve complex effects. Ranging from basic to advanced, there will be something for artists of all experience levels to take away from this demo.