Visual Humans Studio


Virtually Human was born from humble beginnings with a passion to keep people, of all ages, emotionally engaged through digital entertainment. Exploring the boundaries of entertainment the VHS Lab experiments with emerging technologies in gaming, sports and mixed reality. With a goal to constantly innovate by bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual world, where the two become inseparable.

ZedRun Digital Horse Racing is the newest experience in development by VHS. ZED embodies blockchain technology in an immersive and visual experience with the purpose of reinforcing genuine ownership and the tracking of provable, fair events live on the blockchain. In ZED, users can create a legacy by building a star-studded stable of winning racehorses. They can buy, breed, and race their very own stable of digital thoroughbreds. For more visit


Block Chain and the Future of Digital Content.
Explore Block chain gaming through a presentation about the new project from Virtually Human Studios. What is block chain and how is going to disrupt the future of digital content as well as currency.


Creatively directing projects in the VR/AR/MR space as well as film, TV and games, Chris is a senior animator, experienced in supervision, direction, and leading teams, as well as fostering and mentoring young talent. With over a decade spent in the vfx and animation industry, from a young VFX trainee to senior animator, to creative director he has worked on some of Hollywood blockbusters such as The Lego Movie’s, The Great Gatsby, Gods of Egypt and Happy feet 2. Supplementing his extensive film and VFX background, Chris has successfully directed projects in the real-time space, with experience across games and experiences in virtual and augmented reality. Chris founded Virtually Human Studio with Rob Salha


An old school video gamer at heart, Rob Salha hated being a Senior Chartered Accountant @ Ernst & Young so he fled to produce his own music, became a sneaker collector, long distance runner and restaurateur. After existing his previous ventures through a successful company acquisition, Rob was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and begun focusing on his passion; digital entertainment that is accessible to everyone. Typically up at 4.30am brewing coffee like an artisan whilst monitoring the crypto markets, it is in these wee hours of the morning, that Rob has also managed to teach himself design, slicing epic UI and UX with a long black in hand. Rob has since gone on to co-found many successful startups and is now one of the key co-founders of VHS and ZED, where he oversee’s the companies core operations from top to bottom.